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1 How long can it float?

As long as it connecting power, it will non stop floating.

2 Is it safe to health?

Magnetic floating is very safe to health

3 How many floating technology do yo have?

We have top floating technology and bottom floating technology.

When floating mechanism is overhead floating product, we call it top floating

When floating mechanism is under floating product, we call it bottom floating

4 Which floating technology is better, top or bottom floating?

Top floating is easy to set up floating, and it's more suitable for heavy products.  the more heavier, the less expensive it will be

Bottom floating is very concise and simple.  But it's not suitable for heavy products, the more heavier, the more expensive it will be

Because we will suggest best solution to you according to your products

5 Can our products float?

Yes we can offer different solutions to float your products

6 What is the max floating distance you can do?

Basically it's about 15-50mm

7 What is the max. floating weight you can do?

Our floating display can be customized according to your products weight.

8 What is your guarantee?

The warranty is 1 year.  And we offer free maintenance after warranty  

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