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Levitating WHITE CLAW Empty Can

As per White Claw’s request, to make their empty can levitating.

We use a very thin magnet and put it on top of an empty can opener, in order to make the magnet invisible. This magnetic levitating display is made from acrylic, and LED lights inside of this levitating display. And Logo is UV printed and illuminated, as well as WHITE CLAW can illuminated.

The can is not just levitating, but rotating, uniformly.

Levitation technology is the most successful advertisement solution, because of its magic and scientific technology. People are always attracted by this technology. So they remember your brands and products. Maybe you are interested in more about our customized levitation, you can click here. and you can contact us to get a quote

UV printing and illuminating logo


Transparent acrylic with UV printed black color background and white logo

Lighting inside

LED lights inside of the levitating display

Precisely printing

Exactly same as per customer’s artwork

Nice connection

Each of the acrylic sheets is nicely glued and constructed


QC before packing and shipping

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