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M007B-S-Moon M007B-S-Moon
  • M007B-S-Moon

  • item No : M007B-S-Moon
  •  Wireless lighting moon

    item No : M007B-S-Moon

    Floating distance: 1.5cm

    AC/DC adapter:100-240V input, 12V output

    Moon: 3D printed moon

    size: 5" diameter

    Material: PLA plastic

    Color: white/yellow/changeable

    Magnetic base:

    Size: 10X10X2cm

    Color: black/white

    Material: plastic base


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Detailed description

This floating moon works by electromagnetism system, bottom floating technology.
Moon is floating and 360 degree rotating automatically;
Moon is with wireless induction lighting (colors could be white, yellow or changeable per your requirements);

4 leds in 4 corners of the base;
Novelty gifts, Excellent home and office decoration.

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