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Levitating Lamp

Cogidea Magnetic Levitating Lamp

The Story of Levitating Lamp Born

When people see the light lamp hanging up for hundreds of years, We invented the magnetic levitating lamp in 2011.

A Turkish customer of our customers in 2011 sent an inquiry to us. They want to do a promotional product, but it must be special and novelty. This promotional product is for their domestic party called “AK PARTI”. Although the levitation product is special and novelty enough for AK PARKI, it’s not unique. Our company launched a meeting with the Turkish customer and discuss what levitation product is unique and be the 1st one on the earth. After the customer’s explanation of AK PARTKI, it’s a political party in Turkish to help and service domestic people, so we were thinking of the idea, that the AK PARKI looks like a light bulb, shinning earth ground and people, we decided to levitate a bulb and print their logo on the light bulb. However, if a light bulb which is not lighting up, is not a real light bulb. In order to make light bulb lighting, We came up with a lot of different ideas and solutions, like putting a battery inside of the light bulb. But there are few spaces in the light bulb to put a battery in, and even if it can be, it’s a problem to charge the battery, and very expensive to accomplish it.

Another solution is to use wireless induction technology which is the technology used for the levitating lamp or levitating light bulb. With this technology, we don’t need to put the battery and charge the battery. As long as the light bulb with a receive coil built-in closes to a base that is installed with a transfer coil, the light bulb will automatically be lighting up.

By installing a touch switch on the base, it can switch the induction transfer power.

A final prototype was done on Aug 20th, 2011. This is the 1st generation of levitating lamp

Top Levitating Lamp

When the power is off, the light bulb will go to the top

Real Oak Wood Base
Wireless Charging
20mm Levitating Distance

Bottom Levitating Lamp

When the power is off, the light bulb will go to the top

Modern Cold White Light Bulb
Modern Warm Yellow Light Bulb
X’mas Light
Edison Light Bulb

How We Make A Levitating Lamp

How We Make Marks and Logo on Wood Base

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