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Levitating Skeletal Buddha Sculpture

Levitating Skeletal Buddha Sculpture

  • – Floating distance: 20mm- Cup Material:  ABS plastic- Maximum air floating weight: 300g-AC/DC adapter: 100-240V input, 12V output
  • -Plug: US/UK/EU/AU
  • -AC adaptor and Lithium battery connecting.
  • – Base Size: 12*12*6cm
  • – Base Material: ABS plastic
  • Buddha Sculpture Material: SLA printed
  • Leaf Sculpture Size:13cm x 13cm x 16cm

    Levitating Decor Collection

    The future is here with Levitating Décor. These levitating sculptures are guaranteed to be the center of attention in your contemporary space. We are reinventing home décor. Mesmerize yourself with all of our gravity defying unique designs.   Includes: sculpture, base, charger, universal power adapters, and manual.   Wireless base is chargeable and can be used with no power cord attached (battery lasts 8-10 hrs on a single charge). Wired base works only while plugged in to power outlet.

Home decor, re-imagined.

Combine contemporary, modern, and luxurious and you get our breathtaking gravity defying sculptures. The future of home & office decor is upon us with these zero-gravity works of art. Straight out of a sci-fi movie, our gravity defying decorations float in mid-air while rotating in 3D space — spectacularly.

Organic designs.

Hypnotically soothing.

Choose from multiple silky, lustrous, floating works of art. 3D printed from strong but lightweight material. Fill the decor with flowers, e-candles, potpourri, or leave as is. Guaranteed to be the center of attention in a home or office.

The engineering behind the magic.

Thanks to advanced levitating technology that we have developed, our levitating office decor to magically float above our wired or wireless base, mesmerizing anyone who enters the room. Our Levitating DECOR products use magnetic levitation, also called “Electromagnetic Suspension”, in which electromagnets are used to stabilize the floating sculpture above the

Base Color

Black, White, Chrome

Buddha Sculpture Color

Black, White

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