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How does levitation work

A levitation device is composed of a levitation base, a levitating magnet

The levitation base is composed of a FE magnet ring, and 2 or 4 or more electromagnetic coils. The magnetism of the FE magnet ring is the same as a levitating magnet, so it’s repulsive.

When the levitation base is connected to AC/DC adapter and power supply, the electromagnetic coils will be generated magnetism, which is opposite to levitating magnet, so it’s attractive.

The levitating magnet is an NE magnet, normally it’s round and set of magnets.

In a word, the power of magnetism between the FE magnet ring and NE magnet, electromagnetic coils, and NE magnet is balancing. That’s why the NE magnet can be levitating in mid-air

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