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Levitating Plant New Arrival

The Levitating Plant

Give your plants their full potential to grow with the Levitating Plant by exposing them to an anti-gravity environment. Your plants will be nourished with 360 degrees of sunlight exposure, allowing them to grow straighter and healthier, all while levitating supernaturally.


This levitating vase can be used to grow your favorite plant in a completely weightless gravity defying space. Just add soil and your favorite plant of choice — or use our realistic looking faux air-plant that comes with the vase.

The engineering behind the magic.

Thanks to advanced levitating technology that we have developed, our plant vases magically float above our wired or wireless base, allowing your plants to receive 360 degrees of sunlight. Our LevitatingPLANT vase uses magnetic levitation, also called “Electromagnetic Suspension”, in which electromagnets are used to stabilize the floating vase above the base.

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